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The Floating World

17:20min, 2019.

The Sun was offended by her brother's behavior one day and hid away in a mountain cave as an act of passive protest. Representatives of a world plunged into darkness begged her to come out, but she refused. It was only after someone started a silly, racocious dance and the plight of the world was momentarily forgotten in laughter, that the Sun peeked out to see what could be so funny.

Ghostly hauntings function as symptoms of a distraught environment in a series of interdependent retellings or reconsiderations of this myth found in the Kojiki (Record of Ancient Matters). The restagings are informed by the Japanese poet Akiko Yosano’s understanding of human bodies and personal relations as integrally politicized entities and actions, and her influence inspires a closer examination of how humans interact with the environment and the “non-human” as an extended community.